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It is our mission to help distill the quality of life in all human beings. To help restore the dignity, self-esteem, and honor to God in the displaced souls of our society. Like the cold of snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to the one that sends him, for he refreshed the soul of his Father. We are God's messenger.



Our vision is that each living soul will have their own place, their own dignity, and most of all carry their own responsibilities. A place where they can call home, feel secure, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. We're making our city a place where EVERY SOUL HAS A HOME.

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The grass is being cut and weeds are being chopped as plans for a village to counter homelessness continue to gain momentum.  Thomas Rice, executive director of Mirakal Loves for Lives, said site plans for Restoration of Hope Village are being developed and should be presented to City Council soon.  The Goldsboro City Council voted 4-1 at its July 12 meeting to approve the rezoning of a 13.6-acre property at 2001 S. Slocumb St. from general business, residential and general industry use to a planned unit development conditional zoning.


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